Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Talk"

So, we are at the point of having to have "The Talk" with Tyler.  We've known we were going to have to do it soon, but it's part of his curriculum for homeschool and it is talking about how babies are made and stuff.  He is going to start reading these books, "almost 12 and The Boy's Body Book", tomorrow and it goes into great detail about his changing body and stuff.  I have been dreading this day.  I just feel like he shouldn't be that old yet.  I still look at him like this little boy in the picture!

He's excited for all that is to come.  He's been asking me, "when am I going to go through puberty, and get taller?  I think my voice is changing don't you mom?"  "No Tyler, your voice is not changing", I said. 
Then the other day, he comes to me and says, "I think I have a hair on my chin, do you see it mom?"  I was like, Tyler that is just peach fuzz, everyone has that!  He is so funny! 
I told Chris, that I would be directing any questions Tyler has to him, so he better be ready! 

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