Sunday, January 22, 2012


For about the last year, I have been seeing people write about something called pinterest.  I would see them talking about pinning something.  I never had a clue what they were talking about!  Finally, a close friend of mine started talking about it with me and wanting to see what it was.  So, I found it and signed up for it online. 
I must say, I'm a little addicted now!  They have the cutest stuff on there.  I've been able to find different ideas for decorating my kids rooms.  I've found websites on photography and different poses, different ways to do Kyndal's hair (for when she gets some more), and one of my favorites is  She has all kinds of stuff she made herself.  She made a hooded towel, a bath toy holder, and all kinds of other awesome things!  She gives step by step instructions on how to do it!

Now it's time to bust out my sewing machine!  I knew I took that sewing class for a reason! 
Now to only find the time to try to make some of her creations!

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