Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We have been attending Fall Creek Baptist Church for the past few months.  I am really enjoying the sermons from Pastor John!  He talked about everyone reading through the bible in a year, so Chris and I are reading through the bible chronologically using youversion.  It's great so far!
The Sunday School classes are set up a little different.  Each class teaches something different and you choose which one you would like to go to.  We are attending one that is studying the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart.  I am really enjoying the book and I am happy Chris is going through it with me.  This helps in keeping our parenting on the same page as each other.   

Tyler is in 6th grade, so he is in the youth group!  He loves it!  They do so much together. 
Jacob helps out in the children's church with the younger kids after Sunday School.  He really enjoys being a helper.
Jacob, Zach, and Logan all do Awana on Sunday nights!  It's nice for me and Chris because Tyler's youth group meets Sunday nights too.  So, we only have Mason and Kyndal to hang out with, which is great quality time with them.
We have been searching for a church for almost 2 years.  We have visited a few different church's.  Some we only spent a couple of weeks at and others we've spent more time at.  They were all good church's, but we just felt like that's not where God wanted us, so we continued our search.  It's funny, everywhere we have visited, we are always the largest family!  We always get noticed for having so many kids, but I think everyone is shocked to see five boys and only one girl!  We really like where we are now and we are thinking about making this our home Church!


Rebekah Zenn said...

Yay! We love having you! I hope you stay :) Scott, the youth pastor, has 5 kids... and when we started attending there was another family with 6 kids (they don't go anymore)! The Merrimans (Marley, their youngest daughter is in Bed Babies w/Kyndal) have 6 kids too. Our church is quite familiar with large families, haha!!!

April said...

Someone told me there was another family with 6 kids, but that they didn't attend there anymore!