Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have this whole process I go through to go grocery shopping!  First I have to figure out a menu.  So I create a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week.  Then I can start my list.  I type of up my list and it is color coordinated for daycare food, groceries for our family and non grocery items.  I then alphabetize it.  It makes it easier to find everything, although my husband totally makes fun of me.  When I get to the store it always takes two carts.  People look at me like I'm crazy for pushing and pulling a cart through Walmart.  And if they happen to catch a glimpse at my grocery list, they think I'm very organized, but totally crazy!  When I get to the Milk isle, we use at least 8 gallons a week.  People love to make comments to me, about how I'm going to take all the milk or why don't you save some for the rest of us!  Funny, haha!  So, finally when I'm done getting everything, I go get in line at the registers.  I'm worse than most people with 2 carts.  I have to pay for things on separate orders.  One for daycare, one for groceries for us and then the rest for non grocery items.  Why do people get behind me when they see I have 2 CARTS of groceries and get angry when it takes forever!!!   I try to warn people who get behind me, they're like, oh it's fine.  By the time I'm halfway through getting checked out, they are annoyed and throwing their items back in their cart to go to a different line!!  I warned them! So, I'm the NUT who takes forever at the register, hopefully you never end up behind me!

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msmolly said...

Ha ha. Be glad you don't live in the city and have to carry the items home. You'd be going to the store like 3x a day to keep your items in stock.