Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Talk"

So, we are at the point of having to have "The Talk" with Tyler.  We've known we were going to have to do it soon, but it's part of his curriculum for homeschool and it is talking about how babies are made and stuff.  He is going to start reading these books, "almost 12 and The Boy's Body Book", tomorrow and it goes into great detail about his changing body and stuff.  I have been dreading this day.  I just feel like he shouldn't be that old yet.  I still look at him like this little boy in the picture!

He's excited for all that is to come.  He's been asking me, "when am I going to go through puberty, and get taller?  I think my voice is changing don't you mom?"  "No Tyler, your voice is not changing", I said. 
Then the other day, he comes to me and says, "I think I have a hair on my chin, do you see it mom?"  I was like, Tyler that is just peach fuzz, everyone has that!  He is so funny! 
I told Chris, that I would be directing any questions Tyler has to him, so he better be ready! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012


For about the last year, I have been seeing people write about something called pinterest.  I would see them talking about pinning something.  I never had a clue what they were talking about!  Finally, a close friend of mine started talking about it with me and wanting to see what it was.  So, I found it and signed up for it online. 
I must say, I'm a little addicted now!  They have the cutest stuff on there.  I've been able to find different ideas for decorating my kids rooms.  I've found websites on photography and different poses, different ways to do Kyndal's hair (for when she gets some more), and one of my favorites is  She has all kinds of stuff she made herself.  She made a hooded towel, a bath toy holder, and all kinds of other awesome things!  She gives step by step instructions on how to do it!

Now it's time to bust out my sewing machine!  I knew I took that sewing class for a reason! 
Now to only find the time to try to make some of her creations!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We have been attending Fall Creek Baptist Church for the past few months.  I am really enjoying the sermons from Pastor John!  He talked about everyone reading through the bible in a year, so Chris and I are reading through the bible chronologically using youversion.  It's great so far!
The Sunday School classes are set up a little different.  Each class teaches something different and you choose which one you would like to go to.  We are attending one that is studying the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart.  I am really enjoying the book and I am happy Chris is going through it with me.  This helps in keeping our parenting on the same page as each other.   

Tyler is in 6th grade, so he is in the youth group!  He loves it!  They do so much together. 
Jacob helps out in the children's church with the younger kids after Sunday School.  He really enjoys being a helper.
Jacob, Zach, and Logan all do Awana on Sunday nights!  It's nice for me and Chris because Tyler's youth group meets Sunday nights too.  So, we only have Mason and Kyndal to hang out with, which is great quality time with them.
We have been searching for a church for almost 2 years.  We have visited a few different church's.  Some we only spent a couple of weeks at and others we've spent more time at.  They were all good church's, but we just felt like that's not where God wanted us, so we continued our search.  It's funny, everywhere we have visited, we are always the largest family!  We always get noticed for having so many kids, but I think everyone is shocked to see five boys and only one girl!  We really like where we are now and we are thinking about making this our home Church!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Update

Earlier today, we went to Ben and Ari's to have Zach's birthday party!  It was a great place for the kids to hang out and play.  Zach was so excited to see some of his friends from school!  He has a crush on one of the little girls that came!  I think she likes him back, very cute! 

Big news is that Mason is pretty much potty trained and Kyndal is walking alot more!  They are so cute when they play together!  They get along so well!  I love that they are so close in age, only about 15 months apart!  Mason was playing peek a boo with her using an ice cream!

Here is another picture of Kyndal since she's not looking in the other photo!  I love dressing her up and fixing her hair, now that she is getting some!

It's amazing how quiet a house can be when just a few people are missing. Chris, Zach and Logan are all at the basketball game. Tyler, Jacob, Mason, Kyndal, Bella, Rocky and I are still here at the house, yet it is awfully quiet. The three of them must be the loud ones!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lives Changed

My son, Zachary, turned 7 yrs old today. 

So much has changed in our lives over the last seven years.  Seven years ago, if you would have told me how my life would be now, I would have told you that you were crazy and laughed in your face!  Life was very different then.  We lived with so much sin in our lives.  We only had 3 children.  I didn't think I wanted anymore children after we had Zach, ha ha, that seems funny now.  We had just moved into our house a couple of weeks before Zach was born.  I felt like something was lacking in my life.  My mom had been telling me I should go to church and make some friends.  So, when Zach was 3 months old, I passed by a church and saw their sign and decided to try it out.  Chris wasn't interested, so I just took the 3 boys and I went without him.  I thought I was going to church to make friends and I found so much more!  I found God, someone I use to know, but hadn't been close to for many years. 
Chris came to church with me the following week.  We started attended church on a regular basis over the next year.  A month before Logan was born, Chris accepted Christ.  Our lives have made a 180.  We are such better parents now than we were without Christ!  I'm excited to see what the next seven years look like for our family!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have this whole process I go through to go grocery shopping!  First I have to figure out a menu.  So I create a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week.  Then I can start my list.  I type of up my list and it is color coordinated for daycare food, groceries for our family and non grocery items.  I then alphabetize it.  It makes it easier to find everything, although my husband totally makes fun of me.  When I get to the store it always takes two carts.  People look at me like I'm crazy for pushing and pulling a cart through Walmart.  And if they happen to catch a glimpse at my grocery list, they think I'm very organized, but totally crazy!  When I get to the Milk isle, we use at least 8 gallons a week.  People love to make comments to me, about how I'm going to take all the milk or why don't you save some for the rest of us!  Funny, haha!  So, finally when I'm done getting everything, I go get in line at the registers.  I'm worse than most people with 2 carts.  I have to pay for things on separate orders.  One for daycare, one for groceries for us and then the rest for non grocery items.  Why do people get behind me when they see I have 2 CARTS of groceries and get angry when it takes forever!!!   I try to warn people who get behind me, they're like, oh it's fine.  By the time I'm halfway through getting checked out, they are annoyed and throwing their items back in their cart to go to a different line!!  I warned them! So, I'm the NUT who takes forever at the register, hopefully you never end up behind me!

Monday, January 2, 2012


So, we have two other member's of our family that I have not mentioned yet.  They are our dogs, Bella and Rocky.  Bella is full blooded German Shepherd and she is 1 yr old. 

Rocky is half German Shepherd and half Alaskan Malamute and he is 15 weeks old. 
They are very protective, especially Bella.  She does not allow another person in the house that she doesn't know when Chris isn't home.  She will growl and bark at them if they come up to the door, espcially at men. 
They are great dogs, but they are total bed hogs.  They both love to lay in our bed at night with us.  It's a good thing we have a king size bed, because they take up alot of room!  Rocky loves to cuddle up in between me and Chris and Bella lays where ever she has room to.  Once Rocky gets bigger, I don't know how we can all fit. 
Chris may have to lay somewhere else, cause the dogs aren't willing to give up their bed!