Sunday, July 7, 2013

The garage sale was a Huge success!!

We feel overwhelmed by all the generosity we saw over the days of our garage sale.  We are so very thankful to everyone who helped make it happen.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated items to us and everyone who helped us set it up and put it away.  I want to say an extra thank you to Mendie who helped me all 3 days with so much!  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends supporting us in our adoption.
Here are some pictures of what our sale looked like all setup.  There was so much!!  Some called it a flea market!

      There were so many generous people that came to our sale.  The total we raised at our garage sale towards our adoption is:         $2109!!!
We still have a lot of items left, so we have decided to do one more sale on August 2 & 3!  We will be accepting more donations of items if anyone has anything they didn't have time to give to us before this last sale!  Praise God for all His blessing!!

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