Monday, March 25, 2013

Having a Large Family

If you would have told me years ago that I would have 6 children, I would have told you that you were crazy in the head!!  But now I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!  When we go to the store as a family, everyone feels the need to comment on how many kids we have.  They say some crazy things..... are they all yours? you know what causes that right? how do you manage? why would you have all those kids? you're not having anymore are you? wow you have your hands full!  What people don't realize, is that having a large family is such a blessing.  We have so much love for each other and it's always a party in our house.  Yes, it is loud and crazy, but Chris and I are loud and crazy kind of people!  So, it works for us!  It was nice to see that I'm not alone on getting these comments.  I just wish people would take notice of the things they are saying to others! 
 I was online looking up information on large families and came across a lot of great posts.  Here are a few that I saw:

Q:  You got your hands full!
A:  I wouldn't rather have my hands full of anything else!

Q:  How many kids do you have, anyway?
A:  I dunno.(gets them to stop talking)

Q:  Don’t you have a TV?
A:  If you think TV is better than sex, then you are doing it wrong.
Q:  But you’re stopping now, right?
A:  Of course! Lots of people have nine kids. Nine kids is nothing. Of course, our van is longer than most people’s driveways. We own two milch cows just to supplement breakfast. And with the money from our Additional Child Tax Credit, we bought a small island in Capri. That’s life with nine kids.
But to consider having ten kids? You’re right, that would be cuh-razy.

Here's a you tube video that I love.  We've heard all these remarks toward our family!

Something I noticed a lot of people saying on these other sites are how they wish people they knew would be more supportive of them having a large family and to show excitement when they are pregnant(as if it was their first one).  A lot of people today think you should have 1-2 kids and that's it.  1-2 kids isn't for everyone.  Some people don't want any kids and that's great for them, but some of us want to have a large family and we shouldn't be criticized for it.  Having children is a personal choice for everyone to make on their own.  I just thought I would share some of my personal experiences and findings online about this subject. 

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