Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Setting Goals

I have decided that I really want to get in better shape and lose some weight.  Chris and I have recently decided to join Weight Watchers.  I love the new points system.  All fruit and most vegetables are free points.  Which would normally not effect me because I don't eat fruit or vegetables, but I am really making an effort to eat more of these to become healthier.  So far this week, I have had apples, bananas, watermelon, sweet potato, corn, peas, and grapefruit.  This is way more than I would have ever have ate.  This week I will be making acorn squash, though I still don't know how to make it.  I'm going to google some recipes to bake it in the oven.

For exercise, I am starting to run.  I have registered to run the 5K in the Mini in May to help keep me focused and something to work towards.  I am using a 5K app on my iphone to train me to run for the full race.  On alternating days of running, I am trying to do workout videos.  I have been using the 30 day shred, Taebo kickboxing, and Zumba.  I really enjoy working out.  My favorite is being outside running though.  It has been hard to get out and run with the weather being so awful lately.  It's hard to run in the snow or ice.  My goal is to run the full 5K and hopefully with 30-35 minutes. 

I really have to stay focused on the goal of losing weight and getting in shape.  It's easy to fall off the wagon and just give up and eat whatever I want.  My goal is to lose about 30-40 lbs.  Chris needs to lose about 15 lbs.  I think between eating healthier and exercising daily that this will help me in achieving this goal.  I will keep you updated on my progress as I am going through this.          

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