Friday, February 24, 2012

Adding more to our Life!

We have been attending our Church for a few months now, so we have decided we would like to get more involved in some of the ministries.  Chris and Tyler went on a ski retreat a couple of weeks ago with the youth group.  All the teens were talking about how Mr. Fresh is so awesome.  Chris is awesome with teens, he has such a gift with them.  So he is going to be a youth group leader, which is cool since Tyler is in there with him. 
I have been feeling called to do something too.  I always loved helping out with AWANA.  I have helped out with T & T girls (3rd & 4th), Cubbies (3 & 4 yrs old), and the nursery.  So, I volunteered to help out where ever they needed me.  Looks like I get to try something new this time, because they need me in Sparks (K-2nd)!  I get to be with Zachary & Logan in Sparks.  We start helping this Sunday!!

We have also decided to join the YMCA!  The kids and I have been going all this past week!  The kids love going to hang out there!  Tyler gets to go to the teen center, which he loves!  The rest of the kids are all together.  Kyndal is having the hardest time being there.  My poor baby just cries the whole time.  Hoping she gets use to it quickly!  I am really enjoying it.  Excited to start taking some classes like Zumba and Kickboxing!  I tried Yoga last night, and I am sore today! 
I am looking forward to swimming some this year with the kids.  We haven't been swimming since the summer before last!  I want to get Mason and Kyndal use to the water!  Maybe I can even get Chris to come swim and workout eventually!!!

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