Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Challenge From My Time Management Blog

A few months ago I chose a reading plan off of youversion and I loved it!  I was amazed at how fast I read it, I actually read it while I was getting my hair done!  After I started reading some small plans, I decided I wanted to read the bible in 90 days!  I didn't make it through all the way because I started school, but I did make to around day 30 of the reading.  It was amazing!  I gained so much more knowledge and understanding of the bible and about God!  I could feel my relationship growing closer and closer to God.  I read a lot more of the bible from my class, old testament survey than I did on the 90 day challenge.  When my class ends in 2 weeks, I have about 20 days off before my new testament survey class starts in January.  I am going to read the new testament in 30 days.  Some of the days there is no scheduled reading in this plan, there is only 20 scheduled days of reading in the plan.

I have a challenge for everyone this week that goes along with my last blog about time management! Find a reading plan on youversion. It doesn't have to be a long one, some of them are 2 days, reading about 3 chapters a day. Then I want you to comment on here what you picked to read and how it went. 
Here is the link to the reading plans on youversion:
You can read it on the computer or on you smartphone! 

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MMiller said...

I just want everyone to know I completely agree and most people don't realize how big of an impact a little reading can do. I'm sure many people feel like they may not understand the reading at first but with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you will get at understanding what you are reading.