Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Give It All To Him

It's been a while since I've posted.  I've been real busy with my family and school or "LIFE". 

It's amazing how busy life can get.  We all have so much going on that takes priority.  Sometimes I think it is too much to juggle.  I'm waiting for the day I drop all the balls.  I think in our society today, we feel like we aren't complete unless we do everything.  I am really trying to give it all to God.  As much as I try to do everything myself, I end up making a big mess.  But when we trust God and give it all to Him, He leads us on our path.  Throughout history, we can see in the Bible where God just wants us to trust Him with our needs.  We had trouble with that then and we still struggle with that today.  I love reading through the Bible seeing all that He has done for us.  Miracle after miracle he performed for the Israelites and they still turned from Him and worshipped other gods.  These other gods did nothing for them and when they got in over their heads, they would cry out to God to save them.  It blows my mind, why they would ever worship anything else, but God.  These other idols did nothing for them, and they have seen what God does for them.  I am learning so much studying the old testament.  Humans screwed up then and we still do now. 

It's hard to give it all to Him, but I know I can't do it without Him!   
I came across this video that our church made a while ago, and it just shows how we are suppose to give all our struggles to God.  He's here for ALL OF US!!

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