Monday, March 2, 2015


Life sure has changed in the last year.  Between closing the daycare, homeschooling again and adding another family member, life is different.  I have always been a very scheduled person.  Between having a daycare for the last 6 years and having a large family, I've had to.  Breakfast was always at 7-8, lunch at 11:30, naptime at 1, snack at 3-4 and dinner at 5:30-6.  It was always like this for years.  But I've been a work in progress of letting go of being so scheduled since I've closed the daycare and homeschooling.  We no longer have to be scheduled like this.  There's no more extra children coming to my house, no more buses to catch in the morning or early bedtimes.  It's nice making our own schedule everyday.  We were starting school about 9am before Reagan was born.  But, she has really thrown everything off.  Definitely in a good way though.  It has really relaxed me on being so particular of when we do things.  Tonight, I looked up at the clock and it was 8pm and we were just making dinner.  Last night, we didn't go to bed until 11 because we stayed up watching a movie.  That was okay though, because we can wake up whenever we want.  Although, Reagan had a different idea of when to wake up for me and her this morning.  We still get all our meals in, all our school done and have tons of fun together.  I feel like we have more time in the day somehow when not scheduling everything.  I feel like the house is a disaster most of the time, but I'm really becoming okay with this.  You wouldn't think it would be so hard to relax about things, but man it has always been for me.  But, I'm constantly trying to work on that!  Here's a few photos from the last couple of months!!

Here is Chris fired up to go to a HSE basketball game! 

Love how I find them all in Kyndal's room just playing so nicely together! 

 My little Reagan!

Mason and Kyndal having fun enjoying dipping their fries and chicken sandwiches in their fry sauce! 

Such a happy baby!  Feel so blessed with her! 

They love to play with games and puzzles while the older kids are doing school! 

Chris and Reagan enjoying a nice nap together!  So sweet! 

Ready to go play in the snow together!  Love how they wanted to hold hands for the picture! 

Can't go to the dentist without enjoying some video games! 

Jacob loves his baby sister!  He's so great with little ones! 

Chris and the boys dressed to go snowboarding!  Great father-son time for them! 

   The last picture of all the kids together before Reagan was born!

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Your family very nice. Such a very cute images.....