Monday, December 2, 2013

Busy November

November has been a busy month and I have anxiously been waiting to have our pictures done!!!  We were finally able to get them done and I love them!!  It has been so long since we have had family pictures taken.  Our family has grown and changed so much over the last few years.  We have been blessed by two different friends who are very gifted photographers to do our pictures.  It's not easy to get all these faces looking in the same direction!

Of course, we always have to get some playful ones of the kids too!

Thanksgiving was amazing.  My mom was able to come visit for a few days!  We love when family can come visit us since they all live so far away.

I can't believe my baby girl is 3 years old!!  She is the most incredible little girl.  God has truly blessed us with her!!  She keeps us ALL on our toes.  You can turn around for a second and then turn back and she's standing on the counter trying to get something out of the cabinet, she's very independent.  The boys think she is funny and does crazy things.  It's definitely a lot different than having boys.  Her favorite things to play with are her baby dolls.  I'm excited to see her grow over the next year!!


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