Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer's Over!!

They're all gone at school, summer is officially over at the Fresh house!  I can't believe it's the first day of school already.  It feels weird that I already have 4 kids old enough to be in school all day.  I pray they all have a good day and make friends quickly.  Zachary really struggled at the Ice Cream Social for meet the teacher night.  He doesn't adjust to change well and he was having a meltdown at the school.  He wants to go to his old school and say's he doesn't like his new school.  He was also struggling with getting up early in the morning again.  I have been waking them up early the last 2 days trying to get them adjusted to waking up at 7am.  He's not a fan and he has meltdowns at night when it's time for bed and in the morning.  This morning was no different, total meltdown over putting on his socks and brushing his teeth.  He was doing better by the time he had to get on the bus.  Hopefully he will adjust quickly and feel rested for school and have a better attitude.
Here are a few pictures of them on their first day of school.

 Tyler is all ready for 8th grade!

Jacob is looking cool for 6th grade!

Zachary is finally in a good mood for 3rd grade!

Logan is super excited for 2nd grade!

Kyndal wanted in on this action of pictures!!
So did Mason!

Zachary wanted to do a silly picture with Mason!
Logan loves his little brother and sister!  So sweet!

Mason and Kyndal are the only one's home with me now, plus my daycare children that I care for all day.  Soon, next year, Mason will be in Kindergarten.  Then I will only have Kyndal and soon after that, we will have our new little one too(can't wait)!     

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