Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eight and Counting?

Sorry for the delay in posts, but let me catch you up. 

Some of you are aware of our situation that we have been working through, but for those of you who are not, this is what it is!!  We have been waiting for a court date about my nephews in Mississippi.  We finally had one this past Wednesday.  So, me and the kids drove down last Saturday to visit with family since we already had to go down there for court.  Chris flew in Tuesday night for court on Wednesday morning.  Chris and I feel called to have my nephews come live with us.  So, we went to court and the judge said YES!!!  We are all very excited for them to come and live with us and get them out of their foster homes.  Right now they are separated in different foster homes.  We will get them as soon as all the paper work is done with DCS, which could be a couple of months!  They will live with us until the court decides on the future of the parents.  If my brother doesn't get them back, then we will adopt them!  Looks like we are changing from 6 and counting to 8 and counting!!!  Poor Kyndal is going to have 7 big brothers!!!  My nephews are 3 and almost 2!  They are very sweet little boys and I can't wait for them to get here so they can be loved on by our family!  Now we have to figure out where we are going to put everyone in our house!! 

So, after court, Chris and I were driving back to pick up our children, and he said he wanted to go look at the houses that were torn down by hurricane Katrina.  He starts going down all these different streets to take us closer to the water and all of a sudden, I look up and we were at Thunders!!  This is the night club we met at!!

We get out of the car and I wanted to take a picture of the sign.  Chris grabs the phone and says, I'll do it and then says his hand is too shaky and for me to take the picture.  So, I take the phone and take a couple of pictures.  I turned around to him and he was down on one knee!  I said, "what are you doin?"  He re proposed to me, it was so sweet!  I thought he was joking at first!  I of course said YES!!  Wednesday was a great day, proposed to and adding 2 more kids to our family!!  We are going to get remarried July 2013, it will be our 15 yr anniversary!  We just got married at the courthouse the first time!  We are looking forward to having a wedding!  There are lots of details to figure out on how we want to do it!  I really don't even know where to begin!

It was alot of fun visiting with all my family!  All the kids got to see their aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents!!  I still need to post pictures on facebook of our trip!!!  Sorry, pictures of my nephews aren't aloud online at this time!!

I will be posting more updates, more often now that the daycare is closed and the courts have made their decision.  As an added treat, my sweet hubby wants to write on my blog some too!!!  Stay tuned for that!!

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